Thursday, 27 December 2007

I do not have a deficiency!

One of the most frustrating things about having an Austistic Spectrum Disorder is that people make assumptions.  I get it at work a lot, because someone I work with suspects her child has a form of Autism, and every few weeks she asks "What are your symptoms?"

Therein lies the problem.  To me, I have no "symptoms".  I do not "suffer" from Autism.  It's the norm to me.  When I read, my field of vision disappears pretty much by 90%, I don't properly see the words, but I can read, because they fuel what I can see.  Not newspapers or information at work.  It has to be engrossing, and funnily, preferably fiction.  A famous Autistic person, Daniel Tammet said in his book Born On A Blue Day that he prefers non fiction to fiction, but although his book gave me the same "DVD Vision" that fiction does, it's because I connected.  When I buy fiction, I don't buy romance novels, or spy novels.  They don't interest me, I can't connect, I get no DVD Vision, ergo the book bores me.

This brings me to the point of this entry.  I don't have a deficiency.  However, I do enjoy playing poker online.  And I found a new site called CD Poker today.  I had some business dealings with them a few years ago, nothing really came of it, but I tried them again today.  Part way through a game I was informed that my account had been suspended, and that I had to call them to unsuspend it.  So, I e-mailed them and explained that the reason I hadn't answered their calls is because my phone line goes straight to answerphone.  I don't actually use the phone, spoken word comes across badly for me.  I do far better using the written word.  To the point where when I had a moderately successful business, all my business was conducted via fax and e-mail, despite the company I was dealing with preferring phone calls.  Anyway, I digress.  So I get an e-mail back from CD Poker telling me that they need me to phone their security department to verify my account.  Yay.  I cannot tell you how much that fills me with dread.  Seriously.  Security department?  But then I got angry.  I will quote their e-mail:

"May we then request you to provide us a good call back number and the best
time to reach you. We understand that 1your deficiency might hinder with your
communication capabilities but our phone verification will only ask you to
verify your account details and 2will not take much of your time."

1: I DO NOT HAVE A DEFICIENCY!  In the UK, we provide reasonable assistance for those with disabilities.  This extends to compassion.  I offer you a reasonable alternative, but you say no.  You are hugely out of order saying I have a "deficiency" (only way I could would be you knowing I have a possible Omega 3 deficiency in my brain) or you are stereotyping me and saying I have a mental deficiency.  I have an IQ of 180.  A photographic memory (when film is loaded) and I can do things which when I describe them, leave neurotypical people open mouthed in awe.  I DO NOT HAVE A DEFICIENCY!

2: That's actually quite a gramatically poor ending.  Little of your time would be better.  I believe "not take much" borders on being a double negative.  Very poor grammar from someone whose job it is to type memos to customers.

Rant over.  I am done.

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