Tuesday, 20 November 2007

First post of the new blog

So, this blog is about life through the eyes of an autistic guy. It might help people see things from our point of view. It might not. Who knows.

One major problem I have, and I know a lot of others have is eye contact. It seems that normals thrive on this. I get such odd reactions from people when I won't look at them. I was in Asda (think Wallmart if you're in the US) and just buying some sandwiches and a packet of sweets, and the woman behind the checkout reacted like I was either a terrorist or an alien just because I was busily looking at the mobile phone store across the street rather than paying her attention. Same happened at the two games stores I was in today. Both thought I was acting so oddly just because I wouldn't look at them, and was interested in other things around the store other than them!

Then there is the other problem I have. Wandering attention. Right now I am posting this in a cyber cafe in Southampton, and I happened to look at the screen of the guy next to me. He was on Youtube, and the people dancing on the video interested me. Now, he glared at me, and won't stop sneaking peeks at me. I hate that. I kind of understand why, but...him looking at me makes me feel nervous. Not that he intimidates me, but I just don't like people looking at me.

Reminds me of a t-shirt I really must get from Cafepress. It's got "I'm Autistic. Don't worry, I THINK YOU'RE WEIRD TOO!" written on it. I love it. I also like the one that says "Keep staring, I may do a trick" written on it. Lastly, the other one I like is a hat that has arrows pointing left and right, and in the middle it says "I'm with Neurotypical"

Anyway, think I am done for now. Time to go find a cup of coffee at Starbucks in this noisy, dirty, impolite city.

Oh, and thanks to Andy at www.Vandaweb.co.uk for inadvertently giving me the idea for this blog. He mentioned that I was Autistic, but my other blog (www.jacksblog.co.uk) was not about Autism. Kinda gave me the idea of creating a seperate blog which IS about my Autism! So thank you.

Right! Coffee! And maybe a chocolate brownie. Because I am not a gluten free Autistic. Not into fad diets.

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