Wednesday, 28 November 2007


Being in a country where the language all around you isn´t yours, and a lot of the time you don´t know what it means is actually pretty interesting for me. I love words, and I love the images they make in my mind when I hear them. And oddly, it doesn´t change when the language isn´t mine. Plus, I find myself thinking that a lot of the words in Spanish make sense compared to English words. I´ll give an example:

English: Bad
Spanish: Mal

This makes perfect sense to me. Why wouldn´t it be Mal? We have Mal-practice, mal-suit, mal-nutrition, of course it would be Bad. There are a few other words which fit this too. Of course, it helps that I speak French, and I can sometimes see the French words in Spanish. Like Bien.

Well, just my two cents on the language all around me and in my ears at the moment. Makes me want to learn Spanish properly this time when I get home. Maybe I will...


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